February funemployment

So I'm finally beginning to enjoy my February break--not being sick anymore is a huge help--and figured I'd update you on all the good things that have happened so far:

1) My Very Special Ladyfriend came by on Sunday morning with breakfast (bagels, veggie cream cheese, and juice). This went a long way toward making me feel a lot better.

2) I've gotten back to making a dent in my Netflix queue. I realize that sounds kind of lame, but for a guy who is teaching a Film as Lit class this semester, I've seen very few movies. I will say, thought, that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was great. Looking forward to Duck, You Sucker! tomorrow...

3) I redid the header on the Terryl Lee Band website. This took a while. It was the first web design thing I've ever done that involved actual scissors and tape.

4) Met up with Erica yesterday and went for a walk around GFA. The weather is so much better this week than it's been since, I don't know, November, that I want to spend as much time as possible outside.

Still to come:

1) Doing my taxes tonight. I had fun last year, which was the first time I did them myself. Let's hope tonight's adventure is as exciting.

2) Finishing my presentation for Thursday's class on "Mary Wollstonecraft: The Gender of Genres in Late Eighteenth-Century England". That's gonna RULE.

3) Brett Dennen concert tomorrow night!

4) Jersey (finally) on Sunday.

I'm hoping this doesn't become one of those vacations that just slip away; then again, even if it does, it's been pretty relaxing so far.

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