Life in the 1st grade

So yesterday while I was outside at recess (right before J came to visit for an awesome walk on the sunniest of days), one of my first graders "C" came up to me.

C: Miss H, I made you a special Valentine's Day card.
Miss H: Great, I can't wait to see it!
C: Yeah, it says "Happy Valentine's rock!"
Miss H: Oh, you mean like I rock n roll? :)
C: No, no, like you rock!
Miss H: Oh, so I'm like a rock...on the ground?
C: No, Miss rock! you rock! like you're totally awesome!

Later in the day I was told by another girl, "E" that she loved me more than her sisters and babysitter. Ah, yes. Self-esteem points from six year olds make my day :)

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