Stamford's Claim to Fame

Y'know what's not so awesome? This story about Travis, the chimp. First off, who names a chimpanzee Travis? Anywho---this story has been all over the news. At first, I was like, ok that's really sad/weird...but c'mon, let's move on. Instead, everywhere I go, it's chimp this, chimp that. For example:

1. Yesterday I was at TJ Maxx (being shamelessly shoportunistic) and this woman was on her cell, talking louder than needed and discussing the whole shabang with a friend (?) for about 20 minutes. No joke.

2. Woke up to more chimpanzee-ness and the 911 call on all the morning TV shows.

3. In the car with one of our first grade moms on our way to the Maritime Aquarium field trip. Take one guess what was brought up. And then talked about by 4 six year olds. All the way there.

4. The final straw? Just turned on The Insider (CBS) for some juicy celeb gossip, hoping to hear some great commentary of the Aniston/Mayer vs. Jolie/Pitt run-in at the Oscars. And my buddy shows up once again:

I'm going bananas! (no pun intended)

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  1. Um, totally had not heard of Travis the chimp! I'm not sure if this means that I'm living under a rock or just not living in Connecticut. Hmmm.