There is something really great about starting your week off on a Tuesday. For some reason, it made it much easier to get up this morning, and I was up and into the shower (my daily dose of caffeine) even before my alarm went off. This past 3 day weekend was really great. Actually, I should probably recap from last week first:

-Brett Dennen show in the city...very fun. Right up in front, J and I pretended to be as young as the sea of NYU freshmen we were surrounded by. I love Brett Dennen's music, just not too fond of his stage presence. I really felt like he was just trying too hard, and just needed to CHILL.

-Found out that roommate #4 is leaving in April, but luckily S and G are so great that we decided we'll split rent 3 ways for the extra month. May 30th is moving day for 865...bittersweet b/c I really do love my apartment, but can't wait to move in with roommate J!

-Valentine's Day in school + Saturday= mucho amounts of love. The kids were adorable and I got enough boxes of chocolate and cookies to last me until next year. AND a special someone not only bought me the shoes I wanted(see a few posts down), but also took me to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. He's the best :)

-Sunday was spent in NJ and PA. We finally made it to New Hope with the 'rents and we had the most excellent day. Pictures to follow!


flashback photo: my favorite puppy in the world....bernie!

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