"I love those beads..."


So today was Martha day. I woke up at 2am, because who can sleep when you're so excited?


My mom and I left the house at 6:15 to board our train into the city. We would have been one of the first groups in line, but we got distracted following an adorable Shih-Tzu. Anyways, we made it to the line and checked in. All the producers and staff kept commenting on how much they loved our necklaces. Then we went into the "waiting area" where Joey got us psyched about the crafts show and all the giveaways. At this point, the producers told us to hold up our crafts because they wanted to see what everyone brought. Two women came right over to us and started asking me a ton of questions about the necklaces. I gave them a sample one, along with my business card and told them how I donate 10% of my proceeds to the Save the Music Foundation.

From there, they started calling different tickets to line up. We waited and waited for them to call "pink stripes" this point there were only about 30 people left in the room, we were sure we were going to have the worst seats in the studio.

Eventually we were called and started making our way behind the scenes. When we got into the studio it was like, holy pink and green, let's just say I was in paradise. The crew were seating groups and they were all lead to the back seats in the studio. Next up: me and my mom. "Oh, you two, come with me..." We followed the woman to the middle of the studio, if she went to the right we were bound for the furthest seats away. But oh no, she went to the left!! She led us to the seats, and we were FRONT ROW AND CENTER.


And finally the show started! Martha came out and was as Martha-like as ever. For those of you that may have watched, you might have heard her say "I love those beads...." Oh yes, she was talking to ME! The show continued, Rosie came out as the guest and she was awesome. Towards the end of the show, Rosie came over to talk to me and my mom (remember: we were right up in front, woohoo!) and she started to comment on how much she liked my necklaces. It went a lil something like this:

Rosie: Your necklaces are great.

Me: Oh, thanks! Do you want one? (thinking if she says yes, she'll probably just give it to her assistant)

Rosie: Sure, why don't you just put it on me now?

And there I was, tying a *jewelry without jewels* necklace around Rosie O' Donnell's neck. She wore it the rest of the show and it looked beautiful. I'll try to get the video and better pictures, but enjoy this one for now:


It was an unbelievable day. My mom and I had a fantastic time and my boyf had an even better time watching it on the DVR over, and over, and over again :)


  1. Amazing! That is awesome publicity for you. Congrats!

  2. That is AMAZING!!! Well deserved props!! :)

  3. How exciting!!! Congratulations!

  4. That's fantastic!! Martha and Rosie in the same day- so fabulous!! Big congrats!