last night

Our original plan was to go into the city and see Richard Buckner at the Mercury Lounge. WELL, we discovered at about 3pm, that he wasn't going on until about 11:30pm. Yeah, not so much.

So we discussed our options over dinner at an awesome mex restaurant in Port Chester. A local show? Nah. Downtown Stamford? Nope. TRIVIA? Yes! We went back to J's apartment and looked for any local trivia that night. We had pretty much lost hope when we came across a website that advertised trivia, Friday nights, in Yonkers (?!). We texted some friends, and the common reply was: "Yonkers...really?" So J and I went by ourselves to this little Irish pub called Katie's Cottage. We pretty much cleaned up. Now, I have to admit, the questions were PRETTY easy. But we totally won and had a great time. Sometimes the most spontaneous nights end up being the best!

Where you'll find me today? At my dining room table doing work, and the gym. FUN IS. Tonight we're off to the Acoustic Cafe to see Andrew Hoover and Tony Lucca. And then, tomorrow is the Greenwich St. Pat's Day bonanza. Complete with a house party, parade, and bar-time afterwards. I'll even get to hear these guys for the first time :)

Happy Spring!

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  1. But did you guys have an awesome name like Tony Danza's Manthighs??