GOOD friday

Reasons why today is so good:

1. Everything went fine yesterday, and now I can stop thinking about it for awhile :)
2. Home in the Jerz for the mom and I went to Rice's Market this morning and I picked up a bunch of Angela Moore bracelets for $5. $5? I mean really, that's craziness.
3. We got an apartment!! J and I will be signing the lease for a condo in Greenwich this weekend. We're about 2 miles from the beach, and tucked away in a cute little complex. We were only looking for a one bedroom, but lucked out and found this place that also has a loft. The moving madness will begin Memorial Day Weekend. I love it, and can't wait to move and get settled in.

fun in the city last weekend

sarah's birthday festivities

j playing for the best audience: my first graders

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