everybody's working for the weekend

Well, well, it's Friday already? Can't beat a 4 day work week. AND I only have two days separating me from summer vacation. I can't wait to spend some time with my long lost friends, sun & sand.

As Jeff said, we're getting settled in and it's feeling less and less like we're housesitting. The apartment is coming along really nicely, and I PROMISE I will have photos up at some point this week (ok, Mom? :) We're still looking for a new shower curtain and plates, but otherwise we've covered all the essentials. I've got my eye on this curtain. Y'know...just in case anyone wanted to buy us a housewarming present.

We're heading to Jersey tomorrow morning to pick up the dining room set at my 'rents house and to (hopefully) meet with a jewelry designer to start designing the new setting for my ring. After Tuesday, I will officially be in wedding planning mode. Until then, please don't ask me when and where our wedding will be. Kthanksbye.

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