Y'know how I mentioned how my friend's rooftop is one of my favorite places in the city? Well, it will now forever hold a special place in my heart because J proposed to me up there on Sat. night. I've been on cloud nine for the last few days, so instead of a recap, I'll just steal J's thoughts (for now at least):

"I don’t have Facebook, so I knew I’d have to miss out on the awesomely postmodern way of letting people know about major changes to my life. So instead, I popped the question and brought Erica to a surprise gathering of our friends and loved ones. Now everyone who needs to know knows.

We spent today, our first full day of being betrothed, running grown-up errands (including ordering a couch and a chair for our new apartment). Everywhere we went, Erica kept checking out the ring, which isn’t even the real ring. The real ring that she’ll be sporting has yet to be made. It’ll use the diamond from her great-grandmother’s engagement ring, but she’ll be designing the setting, since the antique ring’s setting is damaged to the point where it can’t be used.

I love the idea of Erica wearing something from her ancestry on her finger. I feel like it connects me to her family and brings the past to the present and the future.

There’s plenty more to write about this whole thing, but I’m going to save that for another day. Right now, I’m just enjoying this brand-new feeling of officialness, of a major turning point turned, of overwhelming emotion every time I see Erica’s finger glinting in the light."


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I love that he's using your grandmother's ring and that you get to design the setting. How perfect!

  2. WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

  3. Congrats! So happy for you two :)