Painting the bathroom

Aside from operating a big roller at the end of a long pole and turning the walls of my parents' hallway a cleaner white than they were, I've never really done a whole lot of painting. So when E decided that she wanted to paint the bathroom and kitchen of our new place (fortunately, she's happy with the bedroom and livingroom), I gulped. Not because I don't like color--I do--but the idea of painting made me nervous.
It turned out that there wasn't much to worry about. I went to Home Depot yesterday afternoon and bought a gallon of really nice bluish paint (Behr's Provence, if that helps), then E and I spent last night taping, drop-clothing, and applying the first coat.
I went back early this morning and, 90 minutes later, we've got a pretty smooth application of paint on our bathroom walls. Is it a perfect, professional job? Nope. But I must say I'm really impressed with what we did. And E's happy about how much it makes the white wainscoting pop.
We'll do the kitchen some rainy day during the summer. Right now, though, it's just about time to start bringing our big stuff over. E and her mom are putting new shelf paper down in the kitchen this morning, and I'm taking care of insurance, cable, etc.
It's all finally happening.

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