the search for the perfect venue

We've started looking at a few places for the wedding, here's where we've been so far:

1. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

2. Penfield Pavillion in Fairfield

And this weekend we're driving down to Jersey to take a look at these:

-The Breakers

- Water's Edge

Perfect and beachy, don't you agree? :)


  1. I know of several people who have gotten married at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I've heard all of the weddings were absolutely gorgeous. One thing though about them- you are locked in to their catering and cannot have an outside vendor, so be sure that you like their catering before you book it.

  2. I also vote for the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens! But really, all those venues look amazing. No matter what you are going to have a beautiful wedding!

  3. A beach wedding would be fabulous! All the photos have potential though. Good luck and happy planning!

  4. any and all of those look like they would be just fabulous!

  5. I had a huge Birthday Party at the Pavilion! It was amazing!!! It's all done by lottery and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. It was a great experience for us and I would definitely have an even there again. It's a perfect casual beach setting. The Pavillion is very roomy should the weather not be that cooperative.

    The Botanical Gardens, however, sounds so magical!