where in the world are e & j?

We've been MIA for a few days. Let's get you all caught up:

-DMB show? AWESOME. After walking around the parking lot for awhile and seeing other people trying to get tickets, we thought we were for sure out of luck. But then, as we're standing in the tickets line (hoping they would release more) J's cousin calls us telling he found a lady selling 2 tickets for under face value. The seats were fantastic, and if you haven't already--you must see a show at Jones's a great venue right on the water. Summer perfection.

-While we were at the show, we also got an o so important phone call. We had been down in Jersey earlier that week looking at a wedding venue, and decided to drive an hour farther to check out this breeder we had been in contact with. So we get to the house, and see this little guy sitting on the front steps: I knew he was our dog. We played with him for about 2 hours, told the breeder we had to sleep on it, and we would call her in the morning. Well the next day we tried calling her over, and over, and over. Nada. By the time the DMB show came along on Wed., I had pretty much lost all hope that we weren't hearing back from her. Until.....ring, ring, a phone call from the breeder during the show telling us the puppy was ours!!

We picked Bodhi (goldendoodle/labradoodle/poodle) up on Sunday, and have spent the last week tired, covered in puppy kisses, and surrounded by tons of squeaky toys.

I love our little family.