Dog days

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Really? You didn't see that post title coming?

It's the hottest day of the summer so far--so hot that the radio station we can always agree on was playing nothing but acoustic music all day, presumably in an effort to get everyone to relax. It's always tough to be mellow when it's so hot out, and we've got a few things we're working on right now. Between major complications with Erica's car and a couple of minor SNAFUs with the wedding venue we want, we've had to find ways of just kind of chilling out and metaphysically counting to ten.

The best solution we've found so far is the one we hit on in the middle of yesterday's awful humidity and impending thunderstorm (which never came)--hanging out on the floor with Bodhi and each other and watching Weeds, which we just got from Netflix and can't get enough of. As much as it's helpful sometimes to work off frustration by going for a long walk or hitting the gym or playing some music, sometimes it's even more awesome to just veg out all day, watch a lot of TV, and gorge on baby carrots and hummus.

Speaking of music, if you're looking to kill a little time, there are some new Terryl Lee Band videos up on YouTube from our show on Saturday:
Old School Feeling, "Changes (Remix), Walk Toward the Sky, and Love Don't Live Here.


  1. Why doesn't Bodhi have a Facebook page yet? That picture of him is just screaming "default pic". Stay cool, kiddies.

  2. I don't have a Facebook page. Dog's not getting one if I don't.