it's a small world after all

When J and I first started this blog a few months ago, it was supposed to be a way for the two of us to share pictures and stories with our close friends and families. Since then, I have used it to connect to other bloggers and get the *jewelry without jewels* name out there. I have been SO lucky to meet some great people and have them spread the word about my necklaces. Still being fairly new to the blogging world, I never think about what a small world it is and how it may be possible that I've come across anonymous blogs and never realized that I knew their author. For awhile, I have been reading a blog (also part of what J refers to as the "preppy underground") and it turns out...after putting two and two together..I work at the same school as the person that writes this blog! Coincidence or what?

Anyways, I sometimes forget to think about who actually reads this thing, people we know, people we don't know, people we actually *know* but don't know they read it, it's kind of an amazing thing. I like looking at my little tracker and seeing different countries and cities. Where did they come across sunshine daydreamin'? Well readers, thanks for reading and keeping up with us for all these months. We're not super interesting, or have the most exciting stories to tell...we're just living our life--and I'm pretty okay with that :)



  1. Hi, I'm new to your blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm lucky to be one of your "real life" friends. Hope the new school year is going well!

  3. I realize that every day- what a small spiderweb we're all a part of!

  4. I am howling at your term Preppy Underground. Seriously it's huge... but what's your version of a prep... or preppy? It need not always be ping, green and lilly you know!

    I can't make it to jewelry without jewels this weekend... too much on my childrens' plates...

    I'm not too far from you, and like you I discovered another blogger talk about Westport on her blog and turns out that while neither of us live in that town we are both so close to eachother and that town. We have become fast friends. If you would ever like to "hook up" with us, a couple of Preppy Undergrounders we'd love the company! Perhaps we can even help you find some other means to promote your necklaces! (You can always email me through my profile!)