I pretty much never shop at Macy's. But I was at the mall this weekend, popped in for a bit and came out with great finds! For example, this dress from I.N.C.:

Cute, right? We have a November wedding and another event this Sunday and I think it will be perfect for both. I.N.C. also had this little number:

Not purchased, but we'll see....:) After shopping for myself, I stopped by the mens' shoe department and did a little shopping for J. He's been in desperate need of brown shoes for work, and I found a really nice pair that was marked down more than half! Also? A new pair of top siders, which will be perfect for Bermuda.
Anyone else have good luck at department stores? Most of the time I don't have the patience for them, but once in awhile you can pick up a little gem!


  1. Actually, I quite like Lord & Taylor's... they have great shoes and some really cute dresses and they often have really great sales!

  2. No department stores in Charleston, SC unfortunately. I always hit up Macy's and Nordstroms when I'm traveling though. Cute dresses!