busy bee

Just need to get through this week. Just need to get through this week. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Have you ever had those weeks where it feels like everything and anything is going on? All good stuff, but still totally consuming all my time. For all you local folk, come to the Stamford JCC on Thursday night if you're around. The *jewelry without jewels* table will be stocked and ready to go!
When (and if) I get through all the craziness...I will have an awesome road trip a waitin' me :) We're heading up to Burlington, VT this weekend for our anniversary. J has never been there before, and I haven't been up there in a couple of years. I can't wait to just relax, forget about all my work, and spend some QT with my fiance. T-4 days...



  1. I LOVERMONT too! We ski there every year. Have so much fun. xoxo


  2. Hang in there this week! Holidays are right around the corner!!

  3. O man I absolutely LOVEROMNT! I went/worked at a summer camp a little north of Burlington and my family skis at Stowe all the time. So jealous and hope you have a great time!