A little bit of calm

It's been a hectic day already. We started Bodhi's puppy lessons today. Luckily, he's a pretty smart dog, and a quick learner, so hopefully we'll be able to get him to be a little more polite, especially when we're inside. The dog's got a really loud bark, which is magnified by being in a place with hardwood floors and a weird floor plan.

On the way home, we tried running errands, including getting a gift for our friends' wedding this afternoon. Erica, who is great at finding things in stores, found a really nice serving set, so we're good to go on that.

Right now, I'm just relaxing for a few more minutes before I have to get dressed. Bodhi's chilling out on the floor and I've got Kiyika Massamba (Flamy) et l'orchestre Kara de Kinshasa going on the ol' stereo. I don't know how long the download link will be up on worldservice, but if you're looking for four songs to make you feel good on a Sunday afternoon, definitely grab this one...

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