Snow dog

We wound up with about a foot, I'd say. It started way later than the weatherman said it would--not til way after dark instead of at lunchtime.

None of which really matters. Bodhi was psyched. It was hard getting him to come back in this morning.

We spent yesterday inside catching up on the DVR (extra-manly shows like Bad Girls Club and Real Housewives) and laundry, while I made the whole apartment smell like chicken soup. Somewhere inside of me is a Jewish grandma trying to get out.

I would've been psyched about a snow day tomorrow, but it was good enough to be forced to spend the day not doing a whole lot of anything. Especially on the last shopping weekend before Christmas, spending the day not fighting for parking spaces and jockeying for position in long lines seems pretty much okay to me. I'm sure Erica doesn't entirely agree...