Rachael Ray?!

I just got the most bizarre voicemail. A woman from the Rachael Ray show wanting JCW and I to be guests and featured on their segment on newlyweds. Only catch? It's next week! I called her back and told her that we would be newlyweds in September, but that didn't quite work :)

I have no clue where she got my name and info from, but I thought it was pretty exciting. I told her to keep in the loop on potential engaged couple shows and she said she definitely would. The woman was as nice as could be and I told her I'd call her with the info of some friends I have that are newlyweds. Thought I'd pass the info onto all of you too...anyone here want to be on the RR show? Let me know, and I'll send her your contact info!

Making my way through the day...J is coming to visit with my 3rd graders this afternoon and then we have a fun filled weekend of wedding stuff!

have an xo kinda weekend,


  1. How random, but still so cool!! Too bad they couldn't have you both on anyway!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. someone else i know had this happen to them! i think they may get your info through the wedding sites????