It's a cold day in Connecticut! I can't WAIT until the weekend. 50+ degrees will definitely put a little pep in my step. Jeff and I are visiting my parents in NJ and taking a trip to New Hope, PA. If you haven't been to New Hope before--you should definitely make plans. It's a cute, funky, little town tucked away right on the NJ/PA line.

Yesterday I was feeling uber-run down and just out of it. I guess it doesn't help that I spend most of my day with 15 little germ infested's a good thing they're adorable and hilarious. Some boy cheered me up by bringing these over. Tulips are -hands down- my favorite flower. They remind me of spring and the warmer days to come! So, my, snowed in, cold, over-winter, friends...pick up some pretty, colorful flowers...they might just make spring come a little bit faster.

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