Stuff White People Like

I got home this afternoon to find a box waiting for me outside my door. My little brother ordered the book "Stuff White People Like" for me. Since I'm procrastinating (as it's clearly too early to start doing my work that's due on Tuesday) I started flipping through it. And that's when I found #95: BEARDS.

"At some point during the early part of the twenty first century, white people discovered that the combination of a beard and thick framed glasses was a solid white look that showed individuality, musical taste, and a rich educational pedigree. Bearded white males have had much social success in recent years as their facial hair says "Look at me. I am manly enough to grow this beard, yet I wear glasses, which shows my intellectual and sensitive side. I wear plaid, which shows I'm down with people, but I also have expensive jeans, which shows that I have taste. I am the perfect male with whom to engage in a one-to-two-year relationship that might include living together."

dedicated to my very own "thick framed glasses, bearded, plaid wearing guy"... xo

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  1. Dear Erica,

    My jeans are always $29.99*.


    * Does Bob's count as a Thing White People Like?