saturday shopping

Since I was up o so early this morning for my eye doctor's appointment, I figured I would take advantage of the early start to the day and do some shopping. First stop, Marshall's. I got a pair of Hunter Wellies for $29.99, which is beyond amazing considering they sell for over $150. Still trying to decide if I like the yellow, they also came in Nantucket Red (which, as some of you--as in J and my mom--know, I love) They also had a LOT of Vera...which I'm kind of over, but it was such a great deal, that I couldn't pass it up. So I now have a new travel cosmetic bag to go along with vintage seaport navy duffel bag, which is by far my most favoritest pattern she has ever made:
From there, I stopped by EMS for a new Sigg bottle. My other one just got gross after a few months. While I was at the store, I learned that they have tablets you can use to clean out the bottles. Did anyone else know about these? I knew they sold brushes specifically for these type of bottles, but I might try out the tablets down the road.
The next stop was over to the library, where I was picking up One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell. I tried reading it a few months ago, but between grad school and work, I just didn't have the time. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it this time around! While I waiting to check out, my eye caught this: The Tomie dePaola Author Library! My first graders are going to love watching it. We spent a few months at the beginning of the school year learning all about Tomie and even writing to him. I can't wait to bring it into school on Monday.
Last stop of the day was food shopping, where I picked up pink gerber daisies for my new tin can flower pitcher. Tonight I'm off to Tiernan's with the old PTPS crew, and waiting patiently for J to get better :)

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  1. I own two seaport navy travel bags and love the pattern!!!