I have a music injury.

It's gross, so I won't put up a picture (I haven't taken a picture), but I managed to collapse a mic stand on my finger today while packing up after playing (see E's post below). It wouldn't've been that bad, except I had to play AGAIN at the Sokol Club in Greenwich, which is where you go if you're Slovak and want to drink. So it made sense that they'd be hosting the Sunday Morning Boys, which is who I play with when I, a Jewish guy, play Irish music. It makes sense if you think about it.

Anyway, so the weekend was great, but I didn't come out of it in one piece. Between totally pwning all of Yonkers in pub trivia on Friday night and heading to New Haven for a Saturday afternoon photoshoot, E and I kept coming back to the question of whether we should rent the place that the current tenant has trashed...I trust the owners to fix the holes in the walls, clean the carpets, and paint everything, but there are some skeevey parts I just don't know if I can get past. I'm thinking way too much about it, I'm sure, and I'll go back and forth a hundred times between now and Moving Day, but neither E nor I can really figure it out. Luckily, that's really the only unsettled business we need to deal with for next year, at this point.

Now it's off to sit quietly and just read for a little while until I fall asleep. It's been a great weekend but a long one, and I think I just need some Jeff time. Peace...

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