3.04.2009 like a lion

My wish for the snow day AND delay was granted...can I get a hoorah?? It's amazing how much stuff can get done on a snow day. I cleaned the apartment, ordered prints off my digital camera from, made some good meals, and watched Vicky Christina Barcelona. It was a nice, peaceful day at home with J and my roommates.

So now here we are, already Wednesday (!), and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm heading to the Y to sell some necklaces. Speaking of necklaces, there are talks of a new *jewelry without jewels* website, so stay tuned! I'm not sure what I'm doing on Friday. I was supposed to be going to a independent school job fair, however I'm not sure if it will be worthwhile. I only have an interview scheduled for a school in NJ, and considering that it would be an hour and a half commute...I don't think it's worth traveling to the city just for this one interview. I've heard from a lot of coworkers that the interviews are scheduled right at the fair, and I know many people that have found jobs from going to these types of things. We'll see...

Readers, brace yourselves....on Saturday I am going hiking. Yes, that's It's supposed to be beautiful outside, and I know J has been wanting to go for awhile. I'm actually really excited about it :) We also have birthday festivites and house parties to attend. So much to do, so little time...

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