Snowed in

Even though I'm pretty much over winter, snow, slush, and being cold, it was nice to get nearly a foot of snow today. I guess this is what New England is supposed to be like--quiet, still, pretty much traffic-free (people aren't even going to the strip malls here in Stamford, which is probably a first). All I need is a horse-drawn sleigh and some wood to chop and I'll be all set.
Instead, my most manly adventure of the day came when E and I went out to get the snow off my car. Waiting until after dark is never a good idea, and even though I'm sure there'll be more snow on the car when I leave, at least the bulk of it is gone.
I'm more than a little disappointed with myself, though, because I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done today, and here it is four o'clock and all I've done is post my reaction to the first nine chapters of Wuthering Heights and add more minutes to my cell phone plan. I still need to watch Under the Same Moon, come up with the writing assignment for my ENG300 kids, figure out what I'm doing with my classes tomorrow, etc.
In other news, my stomach is totally back to normal. The doc's office called me on Friday night to tell me that he wanted to see me on Monday (today), but with the snow and everything, I'm not going til Wednesday. Hopefully he'll tell me that it's okay to eat vegetables again, so maybe I can have some energy back. Can't figure out why they would call me for an appointment, but whatever. I can't worry about it too much, can I?

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