sun is shining, weather is sweet

...and we're off! We kicked off the jam packed weekend yesterday afternoon, with a little happy hour action downtown. Had a few beers, did a little schmoozing with the HS coworkers. Afterwards we grabbed a quick bite at My Favorite Place which totally lived up to its name. The place was packed with my type of people (aka 4 feet tall kiddos), but the food was awesome--if you're local, I'd definitely recommend it. We then headed over to the senior show which was fun. Not-so-great singing and dancing, drunk HS kids in the audience, who could ask for anything more? ;) Last stop of the night was T's bday bonanza. Original plan was to meet up with everyone at 1020 Post Road in Darien, but it was the kind of night where the wine was flowing and everyone was just having a great time at the house. AND, one of T's friends works in the art department at O Magazine and is really close with Gayle King (aka Oprah's BFF), I told her about my jewelry business and she was really interested in it and said she'd pass on all the info. I almost died. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Speaking of my jewelry, I had the best time at the Greenwich Y on Thursday,and sold a good amount of pieces. Days like that really make me consider doing this full time. I really love meeting and talking to different people and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry that are affordable and unique.
I hope you're all out enjoying this beee-autiful weather! I'll be spending the day hiking, fabric stor-ing, and then ridiculous house party with good friends tonight :) xo, E

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