we're going to MARTHA!!

That's right, mom and I are going to the special Martha Stewart crafts show at the end of March! I got the e-mail during class last night and I think I might have OMG'd out loud. Straight from the e-mail:

SPECIAL AUDIENCE THEME: Craft Show!!! This show is ALL about crafting!! Our audience will be filled with crafters that love to rubber stamp, scrapbook, make jewelry and much more! Martha loves audience participation so our Producers have asked that you and your guest(s) bring your favorite HOMEMADE craft with you on show day!

Really. First hearing back from the people at O Magazine, and now this?? Wait. I don't think I've updated the latest on the Oprah front-- friend of a friend went back to work, told the product department about my necklaces, and they LOVED them. They won't be reviewing new things for another 2 months, but once they do, my necklaces will be in the mix!

Only 2 more days until my two week vaca. O Happy Wednesday :)

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