april showers

Still raining? C'mon now...

Onto brighter and happier things:

1. Newport this weekend. LOVE Newport. We're leaving early on Saturday morning, grabbing lunch up in RI, and then make our way over to the vineyards for some wine tasting! And J even promised we could stop off at the outlets on our way home Sunday afternoon. He's the best, huh?
2. Just found out we scored some cheap-o tickets to The Dead show next Wednesday night in Jersey. Gonna be a late one, but I'm so pumped! Next up: try to get tix to one of the Phish shows in Aug :)
3. Sold 2 pieces of furniture! Which mean more money in my pocket and room for boxes...
4. Jewelry sales are up, and the new website has finally launched. Take a peek...

That's it for now. I packaged a bunch of necklace orders that I'll send out tomorrow, packed up a few more boxes, and now I think I'll just relax and do some reading...nighty night, folks :)

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