Weekend update

Quite a weekend for us...Friday afternoon's work happy hour was so awesome that E decided she wanted to come to the city to see Tinariwen after all.

I forgot to bring my camera, so I've stolen this picture from brooklynvegan:

Then it was off to Newport the next morning for a much-needed weekend out of town with no email, very little phone contact, and no real plans. We spent Saturday afternoon at Newport Vineyards and wound up buying a couple of bottles of wine for our new place...can't wait to drink them out on our balcony with some music on. Saturday night, we ate at Scales & Shells, which was recommended by my parents and which also served me the best fish I've ever had in my life (it was grilled tuna). We wound up heading back to our B&B earlier than we we expected, which was still fine.

Today, we walked around town, bought some souvenirs, etc, and then headed back (with a few stops along the way) to our part of the world. Tomorrow it's back to work and the real world, but for now, I'm gonna hold on to this weekend a little longer.


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