so long sweet summer

Here we are...just a few days left of summer vacation. I'm sad to see it go. The start of summer always brings this feeling of endless possibilities: 2+ months of absolute freedom, lazy hazy days at the beach, long nights with good friends...
Well this summer was a little bit different from what J and I had imagined, and in the wise words of Big Brother (aka our favorite summertime reality tv show) , we should have "expect[ed] the unexpected." We had so many things that were on the "to do" list, that just didn't get done. Life threw us some curves that we just weren't prepared for.
When I look back at the summer of 2009, I know that I'll have forgotten all about those little things that didn't get done. Instead, I'll remember it as the first summer that J and I lived together, the summer we got Bodhi, and the summer when everything (eventually) fell into place.
Bring on the fall.

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  1. aww this is great!! You have a perfect attitude. and it isn't over yet!! we are still wearing shorts and breathing hot air.. hold on til october before we say it is gone. thank you also for your precious comment on my blog hugs, xo