home sweet home

We've done some redecorating recently, and I love how "spring-y" our home is looking.

Any suggestions for what to put in these frames?

My new little nook. Since I'll be funemployed as of June, I'm setting up to go full time with jewelry without jewels and I love that I have a space to keep orders and fabrics organized. I'm sure it won't stay this tidy for long :)

Our freshly painted console table! This is my old desk from my 865 home, then when we moved it went up in the "manroom" for JCW to use. It now has a home in our living room and I think it looks fab. Just need to buy 2 or 3 wicker baskets for underneath and we'll be all set!

On my wish list? This adorable Dash & Albert rug. Honestly, I'd take any of their rugs--great quality and designs.

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  1. love love love how fresh and airy it is. i want mine to look like that.