This could have been the day...

It's kind of an odd feeling waking up on the morning that you were originally supposed to get married, especially when it's a year to the day that you made the doubtlessly wise decision to drop the venue because their sales and business staffs were being a little shady. But they were right about one thing: The weather around these parts is absolutely perfect today, and if we were going to have a beach wedding, this would have been the kind of day we'd've hoped for.
Whatever, though. Our wedding is six weeks from today, and I can't be happier or more excited about any of it. Today, we're picking up my suit (even though it was kind of a custom job, they were able to get it done a week before it was promised) and, hopefully, order my wedding band. Luckily, I'm a simple guy with simple tastes, and it should be pretty easy to find a plain gold band that doesn't make my hand look too little. That's really all I'm looking for.

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