A Day in Pictures

How can you possibly describe the most amazing day of your life? Every time I sit down and try, I just hit a wall. So many emotions were had and so many memories were made on September 25, 2010. J and I began the next chapter of our lives and we were surrounded by all our friends and family. And boy, do they all know how to par-tay! Love them all...and most of all, love EWJ. Here's a sneak peek at our day:

My ladies in their lovely LulaKate dresses!
Is that a Jimmy Choo shoe I see?? :)
Tres amazing!
"I never thought I could have it so good,
you were the song that my soul understood."


  1. Mazal tov to you and and your new husband! Gorgeous wedding. Love the Lulakate dresses. That's one of the ones I thought about for mine as well.

  2. WOW! Love those dresses! You look GORGEOUS! CONGRATS!

  3. Weddings are always super fun, when it's yours it's even better fun!

  4. Love the pictures! So beautiful. So happy for you and Jeff!