So...'s hard to believe that our wedding has come and gone. All the hard work deciding what we wanted (okay, that was mostly done through E's magic binder) and figuring out how we'd make what we wanted happen (lots of phone calls, emails, and trips back and forth over the George Washington Bridge) paid off. And despite all our kidding around that we'd have nothing to talk about once the planning was over, we're definitely enjoying being able to "relax" a little now.
I put "relax" in quotes because that's not something that either of us are especially good at. We got away to Woodstock for a couple of days right after the wedding, but came back and hit the ground running. Fall is high season for tutoring around these parts, so we've both been really busy (and it's only going to get worse when my SAT classes start in December). However, I'm happier than I can even explain that we've been able to find time to just kind of chill out. Whether it's been marathon sessions at the dog park with Bodhi or eating a nice Sunday morning breakfast together, downshifting has been fantastic. Of course, I'm writing this with one foot out the door--I have to return my rental tux from the wedding we went to this weekend before meeting one of my tutoring clients for a hectic college essay session, then we're heading out for a crazy afternoon. But that's been our life together since last May, if not before, and it's something we can do.
Eventually, when we have our pictures and video from our wedding, I'll want to relive the day and remember all the hard work we put into it. But right now, I'm loving being done with one big project and getting ready for the next. The rest of our life together begins pretty much now.

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