I don't want to tempt fate

...but things are certainly improving. My mysterious stomach thing seems to be pretty much better, though it definitely keeps reminding me of its presence every once in a while. The doctor said I can eat normal food again (minus fresh veggies, for some reason--ideas, anyone?), as long as I'm careful, so I'm back to happiness minus spicy food, fried food, coffee, and alcohol.
I keep hearing weird things about the weather this weekend going from almost 60 (like it is now) to cold with a bunch of snow, but I'm really not sure what's going on. I do know that Erica and I are finally going to get to spend some time together, which hopefully won't involve trips to ERs or walk-in clinics or anything like that. I know we're both looking forward to a quiet night in tonight and an easy weekend.
Tomorrow's the band's first rehearsal since our show on January 31st--between Terryl and I being sick and Clark traveling for business, it's been impossible to get together. I'm psyched to play again, especially because Pete knows one of the ladies who played in Adele's Grammy string section and she (the string player, not Adele) seems interested in playing with us if we ever need her. So that's kind of cool. And I also got together with the re-formed Sunday Morning Boys after school today--we're an acoustic trio that is available for all of St. Patrick's Day-related Irish music needs.
That's a lot going on, but mostly I'm thankful to be feeling mostly human again, and to have a very patient girlfriend who isn't grossed out by what my body's been doing to me for the past week -and-almost-a-half. Really, that's the best thing.

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